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This bag is really big and offers us more capacity for us to fill out. Particularly the big pocket at the back of SWEDEN is a perfect place to store our folders away. The SWEDEN can be carried on the shoulder or by hand and comes with a leather shoulder strap.


Options of carrying: handbag or shoulder bag

material: canvas, buffalo leather

construction: rectangular shape, leather flap with press fastener, additional zipper pockets, two pockets at the outside, one pocket at the backside, bottom leather corners
inside: two pockets, one big zipper pocket, laptop compartment for 14” laptops, silver inner lining

capacity: 7 litres


dimensions: 40x33x16cm / 15x13x6 inches

perfect fit for 14” laptops and A4 folders

The picture might be slighty different to the original.

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149,00 €*

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